Life & Disability Insurance

life and disability insuranceAt Sound Mind Financial LLC, we will meet with you to evaluate your current insurance program to see if it adequately meets your needs and goals. If you are currently uninsured, need more insurance coverage or would like to replace existing policies, we will create a customized plan that is both high quality and competitively priced. Since we are independent agents, we have the ability to find the products that meet your individual needs from various reputable and time-tested insurance companies.

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides a valuable means of reaching your goals while still protecting the financial security of your family and those you love. All life insurance policies have some commonalties; you make payments, called a premium, to an insurance company and, after your death, the insurance company pays a death benefit to your loved ones. This death benefit is often income tax-free. Two of the main types of life insurance are term and permanent (e.g. whole life). Term life insurance is like "renting"; you own it for a term, most often 20 years, and, during that time, you make premium payments and would receive a death benefit. Permanent life insurance lasts your lifetime as well as potentially providing other living benefits. When you pay your premium, part of that payment goes into a cash reserve where it grows tax-deferred; this is referred to as cash value. You can access your cash value at any time, though not all permanent policies have cash values that should be accessed. Another important living benefit of permanent life insurance is dividends. Mutual life insurance companies are owned by policy holders rather than share holders; therefore profits are passed along to policy holders as dividends which can be used to increase death benefit or pay premiums.

Disability Insurance

Many individuals view a disability as an injury incurred that prevents one from working. In fact, two-thirds of disabilities are caused by medical illness rather than injury. Disability income insurance is designed to help maintain your standard of living when you are unable to work. In fact, the income needed to maintain your standard of living may be higher than it was before due to additional medical expenses and other unforeseen costs following your illness or injury. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect your income, your greatest financial asset, with disability insurance.

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